[freepats] A idea for a ancient European instruments soundfount

Håken Hveem krbjhvee at online.no
Thu Feb 28 08:13:08 PST 2013

Hi, i have a idea of a soundfount with instruments from :
Sweden,Denmark,Norway,Finland,Shetland Islands, Orkney
Islands,Iceland,England,Isle of Man, and the regions bordering the
Baltic Sea.

time period:
Year 500 to year 1000 

The Instruments that i am aware of at present time is:
Sami drum (frame Drum)
bukkehorn (ram/goat's horn)
Lur (Brass)
birch trumpet(neverlur)
Jorvik Pan flute
willow flute/sallow flute
näverlapp ("birch bark patch")
Falster Pipe
Norwegian lyre
Brass/iron ring rattle ( these whas mounted on a staff, the end of the
staff thumped in the ground) 
Brummer/"Bull roarer" (yes, they did have these here too, mentioned in
some in the Sagas written down by Snorre)

Soundsamples that i have at the present time:
Prillarhorn, with scala
Sheep bone flute, with the entire scala
Norwegian Lyre
Revheim lur,with scala (unsure if it fits the time period)

The collection of sound samples and a soundfount made with them will be
uploaded to a public server so anyone can use it, and improve it under
the circumstances that the instruments is from the correct time period
and from the correct regions. 
There will of course be control of the quality of the soundsamples and
the soundfount before it is released to the public.
I am running Linux ( Kubuntu)

I have some questions:
What is the best software for making soundfounts that sounds as
realistic as possible ?

Where can i upload acquired wav files related to this project ?

I hope that someone is willing to help.

Håken Hveem
PGP/GPG Key ID : 0CD02A30

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