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Roberto roberto at zenvoid.org
Fri Feb 7 03:01:27 PST 2014

On Fri, Feb 07, 2014 at 02:41:47PM +1000, Mark Constable wrote:
> And what's the big deal about Wayland?... IMHO it's TEAR-FREE windows
> using about 25% as much ram as X and the promise of being able to go
> from boot loader to GUI in the same video mode.

I was happy with the X server until I've found two points that made me
want to ditch it when I was working on a window manager for my desktop
environment for tablets.

- Override-redirect windows, used by popups and other window types, can
  popup over other windows at inconvenient times and sometimes they can
  be a security problem. It can't be fixed. xscreen-saver has an
  unfixable bug since 2004:


- There is no way to fully coordinate the window manager and the
  toolkit/application drawing to the screen. Sometimes produces
  flickering and unnecesary window repainting. If the screen driver is
  fast it should not be noticed, but if using a slow framebuffer driver
  (most common on ARM hardware without free gfx drivers), window
  flickering can be very annoying.
There are a couple of other reasons here:


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