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ml at distasis.com ml at distasis.com
Thu Feb 6 14:28:25 PST 2014

Ben Collver wrote:
> I am also interested in minimal applications.  I resurrected the SDL
> driver for the links browser and added support for multiple windows.  It is
> only tested with the SDL1 Linux fbcon driver, but I plan to do more
> testing in the future.  The source exists as patches to Slackware's build
> script:

I accidentally ran across Rogue Class Linux just the other day when I was
searching for something else.  Thought it looked really cool.  Funny that
you should mention the browser, because I was trying to look up what
browser it was using when it mentioned a lightweight one in the

I have some code for converting lynx and D+ browsers into lightweight
alternatives for programs like dialog, gtkdialog, etc.:

I wonder how hard it would be to make similar mods to your browser code.

By the way, if you're interested in an SDL based epub reader that can do
text-to-speech, let me know.  I can send you information when the author
makes his next release.

Mark Constable wrote:
> Just 2 comments, please try and push any projects to the likes of Github
> so the rest of us have easy access and as for almost lightweight OS
> frameworks, I am particularly interested in Qt5 and the likes of
> http://www.maui-project.org
> We're only a year away from full on Wayland availability and I can't see
> the really old frameworks and code working on Wayland... perhaps ever. And
> also, if effort put into coding is not mobile and touch friendly then it
> cripples potential deployment over the next decade. For me, Qt5 is the
> best path forward.

I really don't like releasing code until it's highly stable and
well-documented, so it'll be a while before I set something up on the
Internet to share this particular project.

I looked into the Wayland option.  At this point, I don't think it's the
best way for me to go if I'm working on cross-platform software.  Maybe
when it's more developed and stable...  I personally am beginning to
really hate the mobile and touch friendly market.  So, at this point, I
don't care to have software I run on my own system look and feel like
something from the latest phone or tablet.  Probably wouldn't be able to
get anything I wrote to a phone or tablet easily anyway since the
manufacturers are locking them down to their particular app stores.  I
personally prefer a command line interface and phone like GUIs aren't
really good for that sort of use.

If I use SDL, there are currently ports to several systems and devices
(including Windows and Zune).  If I want to run on Linux outside of X, I
can use it with DirectFB and possibly nano-x.  Syllable operating system
also supports the SDL API.  By the way, I think SDL 2 does have support
for mobile and touch friendly development.  If I use FLTK, it will run on
Windows, X and nano-x.  There's an old DirectFB port that might be
updateable.  Wayland is supposed to be able to run X clients, so if I ever
do end up using Wayland, I can still run the applications.  Nano-x runs on
several systems including DOS.  Nanolinux and XFDOS are both really
lightweight operating systems that use only FLTK and nxlib based
applications on top of nano-x (no X windows needed).  I really like how
they work.  If I use pdcurses as an interface, that'll build natively on
Windows or run on SDL and thus run anywhere SDL works.  So, for now, I'm
trying to stick with console based applications, SDL, FLTK and pdcurses.

If anyone runs across any further background on some of the Gus patch
utilities or any other interesting command line music utilities, please
let me know.  Thanks.


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